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What does 'Zuv' mean?

Zuv is a word/term which means Life. It originates from Kashmir and is commonly used in the phrase Zuv Vandun

Zuv Foundation is dedicated to a very special person who made us realize that a good career or a happy family shouldn't be one's ultimate goal in life. A life should have a meaning and a purpose


A Message from our Co-Founder

"We need to be kind, gentle, less violent and more humane. Don’t ignore sufferings of others, be benevolent. The world belongs to humanity and we need it. Put aside the considerations of religion, language, caste and color because by doing so you are diminishing the value of the human race which you are a part of " - Nilay Jayswal, Co-Founder of Zuv Foundation

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Who are We ?

Zuv Foundation was put together with a vision to develop a platform to connect Heroes with Survivors.

Heroes - Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Lawyers, Social Entrepreneurs, Non-profit Organizations and Educational Institutions

Survivors - People who have survived through Rape, Sexual Harassment, Human Trafficking, Child Labor etc.

What makes us different

Our initiatives are backed with R&D. We aim for optimizing social impact sustainably

  • Zuv Foundation has a strong R&D team headed by young professionals. Currently the team has 25+ professionals working on 12 different projects.
  • A thorough research (primary and secondary) is done before launching an initiative to ensure that the delivery methodologies and deliverables are effective
  • These projects are aimed to boost women entrepreneurship, provide women & child safety, develop professional skills among the young leaders, support budding social enterprises