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Books and stationary donation drive – Zuv Foundation, Enactus Gargi & UPES

With the help of kind donations from students of the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, in June 2021, the Zuv foundation collected educational resources for the children under Project Aagha by Enactus Gargi. These resources were delivered to the children on Diwali, along with colouring kits from NSS Gargi. This donation drive was held as part of the collaboration between Zuv Foundation and Enactus Gargi under Project Aagha to create social impact. 

This drive was apart from the deliverables that the Zuv Foundation does for the project. The main aim of the foundation under the said project is to serve as the Knowledge Partner for Entrepreneurship and Technical Skill Training in the Project Aagah Fellowship Program, thereby assisting Enactus Gargi in developing and curating the curriculum.

According to an OECD report from 2017, more than 30% of India's youth (aged 15–29) are not employed, educated, or trained. The youth have an important role to play in personal and communal development and deserve adequate opportunities for the same. One of the most effective methods is through imparting entrepreneurship education and skills acquisition, as it helps enhance unconventional talents and promotes self-reliance. For India to meet its sustainable development goals by 2030, there is a dire need to promote social entrepreneurship amongst the youth as it encourages economic growth and fosters financial self-sufficiency.


The prerequisite to introducing enduring change in society ideally has to begin at the grassroots level, by targeting the foundations that lead to the growth of a community and, consequently, a nation. With the end result of societal improvement in mind, Enactus Gargi’s Project Aagah aims to influence the youth of receding sections of society by imparting knowledge for raising civic awareness while stimulating and assisting them towards entrepreneurial thought and action.


To achieve the said objective, Enactus Gargi collaborated with Zuv Foundation to introduce a pedagogy in subjects like Verbal and Analytical Reasoning, Entrepreneurship Studies, Technical Skill Training, Personality Development, Civic and Environmental Awareness, Financial Literacy, etc., to equip marginalised children with relevant skills sets and practical knowledge that cradles innovators, thinkers, and leaders of tomorrow.

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"The best preparation for tomorrow is to do your best today." Small steps lead to big things, and providing children with the knowledge of entrepreneurship is one of those first small steps. Making a strong foundation for entrepreneurship from the start will aid in the development of financially independent adults who will eventually contribute to societal improvement.