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Decoding Social Entrepreneurship with RSET IEDC & SOCIAL
On October 3rd, 2021, RSET IDC and SOCIAL conducted an interactive webinar on the topic "Decoding Social Entrepreneurship" with Mr Nilay Jayswal, the Co-founder of the Zuv Foundation and a TEDx speaker. The webinar began with the host introducing Mr Nilay as a successful entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker, and an IIM Kozhikode alumnus.
Kozhikode alumnus.

Mr Nilay addressed the gathering and went on to give a brief description of himself and his life till now. He mentioned the day of his childhood when he visited a remote area and how the area lacked basic amenities like sanitation, education, etc. He went on to explain the challenges people face daily in leading a life, especially owing to the times of COVID, where the financial and economic situation of an individual and the nation as a whole suffered. He explained how the status quo has various evils in the society and cited incidences like sexual harassment, rapes, domestic violence, acid attacks, etc. He spoke about various issues around us and how they can only be sorted out via our efforts.

Mr Nilay then went on to define social entrepreneurship in his own terms and perspectives. According to him, social entrepreneurship is defined as anything being done to eradicate an issue in society. According to his point of view, any person who goes ahead and does any kind of charity is a social entrepreneur. He then spoke about his initiatives and his story of social entrepreneurship. He talked about his first startup, "Code Binary". Code Binary was a revenue-oriented start-up and offered interested individuals the facilities of website building, promotion, etc. He mentioned that as one of his projects under Code Binary, he collaborated with an NGO, and he believes that was the start of social entrepreneurship in his life.

Later on, Code Binary went on to support women entrepreneurs on a larger scale. They started building websites, helping them with required funds, mechanization, marketing, campaigns, etc. They got involved in various collaborations, offering promotions to businesses running around sustainable clothing, jewellery, etc. After Code Binary, Mr Nilay talked about the Zuv Foundation, the social enterprise set up by him to eradicate various issues prevailing in society. He talked about the initiative "Kahaani", which has the concept of uniting the survivors and facilitators. The facilitators are lawyers, psychologists, doctors, etc., and the survivors here refer to the survivors of various heinous crimes.

He then catered to the question of why one should work for society. He talked about experiences from his personal life while he worked for CodeBinary and the Zuv Foundation. He mentioned the immense pleasure and satisfaction one feels after doing such things. He then brought up the topic of funds required to set up a social enterprise. He took his example and mentioned the beginning of his story when he collaborated with Robinhood Army, and now gradually, crowdfunding events are run to cater to the requirements of the organizations.

He mentioned the gradual and descriptive process of collecting and utilising funds and the legitimate sources to do so. He also talked about the thought process transformations and team formations prevalent in the process of becoming a social
entrepreneur. He spoke about setting up a qualitative team instead of a quantitative one. To make the session more practical, understandable, and relatable, Mr Nilay continued to cite incidents and examples from his journey of becoming a social entrepreneur. With all these topics covered, Mr Nilay invited queries from the audience and answered each of them from his own experience.