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What's Inside

Session 1: How to make a CV

Curriculum Vitae also known as CV is a very important part of one’s professional life. It contains essential official information like career details, educational qualifications, details of achievements, etc.


In Triumph Webinar Series there is an hour-long session on "How to make a CV". In an interactive and enthusiastic environment, it is explained to the students about the necessary components of a CV and what should be their format of writing and presenting to paint the best impression of the candidate. The participants are provided with a CV template and are asked to do additions and edits along with Speaker.


A list of DOs and DON’Ts is shared before drafting a CV. The session deals with everything a person must know to draft a flawless CV including minute features like font, font sizes, text alignment, etc.

Session 2: Power your profile with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented online service platform that operates through websites and mobile applications. LinkedIn allows employers or recruiters to post for job vacancies whereas the people trying to seek employment can create their profile, put up the essential data, and can look for jobs.


Maintaining a highly professional and well-managed and updated profile on LinkedIn is crucial for finding appropriate jobs as per one’s interests. In the second hour of the Triumph Webinar series, we would focus on the various components of the LinkedIn profile and how to deal with each one of them.


Tri-ump Webinar session on LinkedIn starts with the type of profile picture to the educational qualification and achievements. Each of the sections needs to be dealt with with utmost precision to ensure perfection. The participants are guided effectively regarding the bio they should put up and the language they should use to express their views. The one-hour session aims to very efficiently deal with all the facets of a perfect LinkedIn profile.

Session 3: Personal Inverviews - What do they really want?

“Interview” is one of those words which sends a shiver down the spine of most people. Most people don’t realize what has to be said and how much of it has to be said.


Triumph Webinar series, the participants are introduced to methods to deal with this indispensable yet intimidating step of job recruitment. A good interview is just like a golden ticket to the job, admission, or occupation the candidate is aspiring for. With the help of a presentation, the participants are introduced to the frequently asked questions in an interview and are provided with a detailed description of how to frame answers to questions.


The session includes some of the common mistakes that people tend to make and how to avoid them. The participants in the webinar are presented with the 6 most basic yet most tricky questions and by the end of the session, there would be enough illustration on how to frame answers to each one of them to win over the interviewer.


To make the session more interactive, practical, and understandable to the participants, real-life experiences and lessons from various interviews are shared


About the Speaker


Since 2016, Mr Nilay Jayswal has been venturing out into the exhilarating world of social entrepreneurship. He aspires to invigorate the youth by imparting industrial skills and has an inconsumable desire to promote entrepreneurship and societal welfare. In 2018, Nilay founded a social enterprise – CodeBinary Initiatives and also launched digital incubation programs within the enterprise to support the budding entrepreneurs of India and helped them in bringing up their household business on the global front. In 2 years, CodeBinary launched 4 other initiatives, collaborated with 9 other like-minded organizations and reached out to more than 15,000 families and fostered talent from 200+ institutions.


As a speaker at TEDxMaitreyiCollege in 2019, he shared his beautiful journey with Social Entrepreneurship and how it changed his life drastically. Alongside addressing some pertinent questions, myths, problems and success stories about social entrepreneurship. Mr Jayswal believes and imparts in people that their first job should be to become a social entrepreneur.


In 2020, Nilay Co-founded Zuv Foundation with Rohit Saini. At Zuv, Nilay aims to works towards improvements in the field of education and medical care. Wisdom Classes, the first prime initiative of the Zuv Foundation, currently provides 150+ unprivileged children free access to education and stationary. The Big Project of Zuv Foundation– Kahaani is an attempt to connect new-generation entrepreneurs, leaders, counsellors, medical experts and academic institutions and bodies to the survivors of some of the most heinous crimes like rape, acid-attack, domestic violence and human trafficking. Through Kahaani, Nilay aims to build an environment where people will support and empower each other regardless of age, caste, colour or religion.


In 2021, Nilay started a subchapter of Robin Hood Army Calicut in Kunnamangalam with a motive to increase the reach of the organisation and its initiatives to the nearby orphanages and old age homes in Kunnamangalam. He conducted 4 successful drives under the subchapter. In May 2021, he completed his 2-year MBA program from IIM Kozhikode and continues his journey with Social Entrepreneurship